Indian military walking the path of Hindutva fascism

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Friday warned that Indian military was increasingly getting radicalised and following the path of Hindutva fascism under Prime Minister Modi.

Indian Prime Minister Modi has alienated the 200 million strong muslim population of India by legislating against them and swallowing all their rights. This has led to observers predicting a civil war like situation in India with protests against the fascist regime of Prime Minister Modi getting violent.

This is a worrisome scenario that could potentially have serious implications for regional peace and security according to the Foreign Office.

In a rejoinder to Indian Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Bipin Rawat’s comments, the Foreign Office said his “irresponsible and gratuitous” statement shows his ignorance about ground realities in Pakistan and his politicised view.

Modi remained a member of RSS for a long time before he joined the BJP. RSS is a Hindu extremist organisation which believes in violence against minorities. The founding father of RSS and the hero of Modi was inspired by Hitler, leaving no doubt that Modi is following a fascist ideology.

“His tirade is also illustrative of the RSS-BJP mindset — a dangerous mix of extremist ‘Hindutva’ ideology and expansionist ‘Akhand Bharat’ designs,” it said.

“It is a sad fact that this mindset has permeated the state institutions of India, including the armed forces,” it added.

At a seminar at India’s National Defence College, Gen Rawat had said that “increased collusion” between Pakistan and China posed an “omnipresent danger” for India.

He referred to Pakistan as “incorrigible neighbour”.

The FO asked Gen Rawat to focus on his professional domain, rather than continuing to make a career out of anti-Pakistan rhetoric.

“The Indian CDS’s diatribe against Pakistan cannot divert attention from India’s myriad internal and external wrongdoings,” it maintained.

It recalled that religious places in India are regularly desecrated, mob lynchings take place with state complicity and persecution of minorities and disadvantaged segments was growing by the day because of the BJP government’s ‘Hindutva’ policies.

The FO said that state terrorism against innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir is pursued by India as an instrument of state policy.

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