Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi disqualified as MP

A Surat district court in Gujarat, India on Thursday convicted Shri Rahul Gandhi, MP of Wayanad, Kerala & former President of the Indian Congress party (INC) in a criminal defamation case against him over his alleged ‘Modi surname’ remark in 2019 and then Rahul Gandhi on Friday was disqualified as Member of Parliament.

BJP MLA from Gujrat had filed the case against Rahul Gandhi for his alleged “how come all the thieves have Modi as the common surname?” remarks.
The officials have described the court order as politically motivated and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of targeting political opponents.

Indian Government led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to curtail fundamental rights, freedom of speech, and democratic expression in the country and the repeated attempts to suppress the voices of political parties and opposition leaders.

“I am fighting for the voice of India & ready to pay any price for it.”

~Rahul Gandhi tweet’s after disqualified as MP

The opposition believes that government is blatantly misusing laws to curb Rahul Gandhi‘s growing popularity, credibility & stature, and clear strong-arm tactics for the 2024 Lok Sabha by not allowing him to speak in parliament. Opposition parties also slammed the government for silencing the opposition voice.

The BJP government has not allowed Rahul Gandhi to speak in the Lok Sabha House. Rahul continued to raise his voice against the discrimination, and the injustice the Indian government is doing.

Some Question raises concerns:

The case was filed on April 2019, and Rahul Gandhi was appeared in court. In March 2022, when the complainant’s request for Rahul Gandhi to be summoned again was rejected by the Court’s Chief Justice 

After 11 months, the complainant went back to the high court on February 16, 2023, seeking vacation of the stay, pleading that “sufficient evidence has come on record of the trial court. 

Purnesh Modi’s decision to restart a trial he had himself put on hold for a year came barely a week. The trial resumed on February 27, 2023, this time before another judge. On Thursday, Surat Court sentenced Gandhi to the maximum punishment of two years imprisonment which appears to be politically motivated to silence his democratic voice. 

Reasons for Silencing his voice:

After Rahul Gandhi showed the mirror to the BJP government over alleged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s links with Indian powerful Billionaire Gautam Adani. He claimed that Billionaire industrialists benefitted from Central Government and said that “India’s wealth was being looted”.

Indian government got scared by the questions Rahul Gandhi asked on AdaniScam2023. Rahul Gandhi was keeping questions regarding government involvement.

All democrats should openly condemn the misdeeds of the BJP government to safeguard democracy and constitutional values. 

No matter how much the Indian government tries to silence him but he will continue to speak the truth. He will continue to raise the voice of the people of his country. The power of truth and the love of crores of countrymen are with him.

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