India using TTP, JUA as proxies to attack Pakistan

Pakistan on Thursday told the United Nations that India is pushing banned terrorist organisations Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) to carry out cross-border attacks against the Pakistani military and civilian targets.

Pakistani diplomat Jehanzeb Khan, utilising Pakistan’s Right to Reply at the Sixth Committee General Debate during the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, said India has used “terrorism as an instrument of its coercive policies against every one of its neighbors”. 

He emphasised that New Delhi had especially used the policy against Pakistan and its Muslim population, particularly in the parts of Kashmir it has illegally occupied.

“Over the last decade, thousands of Pakistanis have been killed or injured as a result of these Indian-sponsored terrorist attacks,” Jehanzeb said. 

He added that India is “financing and organising secret mercenary terrorist organisations” based outside Pakistan to carry out attacks to impede CPEC’s implementation.

Jehanzeb Khan said India’s Hindu supremacist organizations, especially the fascist RSS, has, for decades, preached the violent suppression of India’s 180 million Muslims.

“The reign of state terrorism in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir has done little to frustrate the indigenous and legitimate struggle of Kashmiris for their inalienable right to self-determination,” said the Pakistani diplomat. 

He added that “no amount of extra-judicial killings in fake encounters” will be able to take away Kashmiris desire for freedom.

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