Inauguration ceremony of engaging faculty members, students & hostel community was held at salu khairpur

KHAIRPUR: The Inauguration ceremony of Engaging Faculty Members, Students and Hostel Community was held at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, in collaboration with the Center for Health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) and Inter-university Consortium for the promotion of social sciences (IUCPSS).

Prof. Dr Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto presided over the ceremony while Mr Saifullah Abro Deputy Commissioner was the Chief Guest and Prof Dr. Madad Ali Shah Vice Chancellor Benazir Bhuttlo Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development Khairpur was the guest of honor.

Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto said we are committed to promote the essence of the peace and tolerance. Sindh is the land of Sufi saints whose message is human dignity and tolerance. It is high time to promote the sense of unity and we have to follow the path of peace.

Dr Ibupoto said we have established the first ever students service society building funded by the USAID so in this building co circular activities will be promoted. Dr Ibupoto accorded special thanks to Executive Director (CHANGE) Mr. Mumtaz Hussain Kharal for his support to engage the faculty and stake holders for the promotion of peace narrative.
Mr. Saifullah Abro Deputy Commissioner, Khairpur said that the role of government is pivotal in the promotion of peace which starts from cradle to grave.

State and Society are inter linked with each other. He said state institutions are responsible for peace narrative, social justice, National integration and social justice. Mr Abro remarked that we could contain the menace of terrorism with the peace narrative and efforts of youth. He stressed the students to take part in the competitive examinations to serve the nation and people at large.

Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Shah said that League of Nations and United Nations were established for the promotion of cause of peace. Through peace we could contain the conflicts in our society. Dr. Shah commended the efforts of Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto for the capacity building of faculty, staff and students.

Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Focal person for (CHANGE) shed light on the objectives of the project aimed at to promote social harmony, diversity, acceptance and tolerance among the faculty members, students, hostel staff and administration. He said different mobilization seminars, trainings will be conducted.

Prof. Dr. Samina Rajper Director ORIC, Mr. Siraj Ahmed Soomro, Mr Ali Raza Lashari, Ms Shehbano also spoke on this occasion. They stressed the need to accept the diversity, cultural, linkages. They said the youth is an agent of change and with their help we could promote the peace narrative.

Mr. Mumtaz Hussain Kharal Executive Director Center for health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) accorded vote of thanks. He appreciated the efforts of Vice Chancellor, registrar and Dean Faculty of Social Sciences for providing a viable platform at the university. He said this project will promote the state peace narrative.

The proceedings for the ceremony were conducted by the Mr. Hassan Shaikh. The ceremony was attended by Muhammad Parvez Mushtaque (Director Programs CHANGE), Muhammad Hussain (Program Coordinator CHANGE) and a large number of teachers, students and staff attended the ceremony.

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