In Focus: Talha Dar from SomeWhatSuper

SomeWhatSuper is a Lahore based electronic music duo – consisting of Talha Dar and Feroze Faisal, that exploded into the music scene with their hit “The Sibbi Song”.

The duo has since become a mainstay in Pakistani electronica. The Pakistan Daily caught up with Talha Dar to find out more about what is currently going on with the group as well as to pick Talha’s mind about what inspired him to pursue electronic music.

Waeed: So how did you get started making music?

Talha: As far as I remember, I had been fond of listening to music ever since regardless of the genre. Then I learned guitar, got into a metal band, then in a pop band and eventually ended up becoming a full time music producer.

Waeed: What made you want to pursue electronic music given the fact that it wasn’t a mainstream genre in Pakistan when you started?

Talha: I would say electronic music gives you a new variety of sounds to play with. I was already done with guitars and the band scene in Pakistan so trying out new things has been one of my top personality traits and writing urdu/punjabi music in electronic music gave me goosebumps. It still does to be honest.

Waeed: Since then, electronic music has become a lot more popular. How big a part do you think SomewhatSuper played in that?

Talha: SWS did play a major role in bringing electronic music to the mainstream table. Our tracks Bandook, Sibbi Song, Ghraoli edit, Kunwaray etc really went to new heights even I couldn’t imagine. None the less, there were other key players too in the industry which helped the widespread growth of electronic music in general.

Waeed: Another growing genre in Pakistan is hip hop/ rap which has recently exploded onto the scene. Are there exciting collaborations between you and a hip hop artist coming up or would you rather solely focus on your brand of electronic meets folk?

Talha: Hiphop scene has really picked up and we can see a lot of new artists coming up. The wave is almost over and I believe Sufi music will take over soon. Techno Sufi maybe.

Waeed: Speaking of electronic meets folk, how did the direction of your signature musical style come about?

Talha: In 2014, there was no music scene in Pakistan. It was just a couple of artists and bands releasing music in the same style. Coke Studio was the only thing I used to be excited about but that was not about it. Music is a whole another universe and you can’t just stick to playing one style of music.

What really worked out for us was releasing new music. No covers, no old melodies but fresh music. That is what led us to create our signature style.

Waeed: If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be with and why?

Talha: There are multiple artists that I would like to collaborate with which includes Rahat Fateh, AR Rehman, Scott Storch, Rob Swire, Dua Lipa for now. The list is huge tbh.

Waeed: What’s next for SomewhatSuper?

As a producer, you evolve with your age. Your taste in music changes and right now I am figuring out my life.

SWS is on hold and that’s all I can say about it for now.

Waeed Khan

Waeed Khan is a Lahore based reporter for The Pakistan Daily.

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