Imtiaz Sheikh stresses the need for early elections to steer the country out of crises

KARACHI: Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh said that the government has no control over political and economic crises, a new conflict with the military has now taken place, and all institutions have been destroyed, the country is in a deep crisis and in order to get out of all these crises, a national government should be formed immediately under the supervision of which transparent and fair elections should be held.

Addressing a press conference at Sindh Assembly Building on Wednesday, Imtiaz Sheikh said International companies are not ready to invest in Pakistan, foreign investment is returning, federal ministers are threatening the nation for gas crisis in winter.

He said that Ministers who make such statements should be ashamed, the gas crisis has taken a serious turn due to their incompetence, failures and corruption. He said that the ruling party is not ready to talk to the opposition, contrary to this, they manipulated the law, in the NAB Ordinance, the government has given NRO to its people because they are now frustrated that their government can no longer function.

He said that the government has nothing but criticism, despite being an agricultural country Pakistan is importing agricultural commodities and this is result of complete incompetency, he said that Up to 18 hours of load shedding happening in a day, 220 million people are in severe trouble, instead of resolving the issues the government is creating other problems for nation.

He said that the present federal government has increased gas prices by 350 percent in its three years tenure, inflation is causing outcry from the people, the government has also failed miserably to overcome the flour and sugar crisis.

He said that the economy has collapsed, inflation and unemployment are also rising day by day, if the federal government does not find alternative sources, the nation will face worst gas crisis in winter.

He said Sindh is the largest gas producing province, the government is not ready to implement Article 158 of the Constitution, We have been demanding that Sindh’s gas be given to Sindh first, After that it should be provided to other provinces.

He said that the no one had thought that the golden dream that Imran Khan showed to the nation will come out with such a horrible interpretation, Imran Khan’s policies are detrimental to the national interest.

He said that the Sindh government had presented the cheapest alternative energy projects at the meeting of the Council of Common Interests, and those were rejected outright, even the minutes of the meeting were changed.

He said, in 2018, the dollar was Rs 118, which has risen to Rs 172, this has put an additional burden of billions of rupees on the national exchequer.

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