Imtiaz Gul bids farewell to PTV citing “sycophantic” conditions

By Abdullah Zahid.

The series of resignations by top-notch journalists from Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) continues with the latest one being Senior journalist and analyst Imtiaz Gul bidding farewell to the national television.

Senior journalist and analyst Imtiaz Gul took to the microblogging site Twitter to share the news of his resignation from PTV after he was taken off from his talk show called ‘Nukta-i-Imtiaz’ for unknown reasons.

In a tweet announcing his resignation the journalist wrote, “ I have resigned from PTV after I was taken off my show for unexplained reasons. I staked my journalistic career for+contribution to national TV but unhealthy, unprofessional, psychophantic conditions left me with no option.”

He also complained of lack of professionalism at PTV. “Thanks but didnt realise even a career journalist would be treated the way they treated management-no regard 4 professional work but for compliance, sychopancy, coward officials who refuse 2 speak up even 4 the right things.”

He had joined PTV in May 2020. He also said that he had joined PTV reluctantly after leaving CNN with the aim of serving for the National TV channel.

Earlier, journalist Owais Tohid had left PTV citing censorship woes. He had complained of “one-sided pro-government coverage” as reason for his resignation.

Colleagues Reaction on Gul’s decision:

Commenting on Gul’s decision, senior journalist Amir Zia regretted that journalists who joined PTV had to leave because of the unprofessional atmosphere.

Fahd Husain, Dawn’s resident editor in Islamabad, expressed his disappointment with Imtiaz Gul’s resignation and stated that the situation at PTV was a royal mess.

Anchorperson Arshad Sharif also tweeted on Imtiaz Gul’s resignation and criticized the chairman of PTV Naeem Bukhari.

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