Imran Khan’s meeting with Qureshi ends on bitter note

LAHORE: A meeting between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who claimed carrying a flag of justice after his release from jail on Tuesday evening, ended in bitterness in Lahore on Wednesday. After the meeting, Qureshi left for Karachi to look after his ailing wife.

According to a very close friend of Qureshi in Multan, the PTI vice chairman advised Imran Khan to retreat for the time being, go abroad, or at least maintain silence if he doesn’t want to leave the country. He also asked the PTI chairman to let him and others settle issues and let pardoning be done in the meantime. He further told Khan he could take over the party again when everything had been set right.

Qureshi told Khan that it was a difficult time and there was a need for making wise decisions instead of giving in to emotions. Sources said that the two exchanged heated words during the meeting. It should be noted that his financier and supporter who belongs to the same constituency from where Qureshi became an MNA has not yet been released.

According to a source, Qureshi also made it clear to the PTI chairman that retired people who are misleading him cannot help him in these circumstances. At this, Khan expressed his anger at Qureshi. After the meeting, Qureshi left Zaman Park for Karachi without speaking to media persons.

All of Qureshi’s phone numbers were found switched off when efforts were made to contact him to confirm these developments. After the exchange of heated words with Qureshi, Imran Khan repeated in a video address most of what he had been saying and alleged that these tyrants had registered several cases against him and 10,000 PTI supporters and activists had been jailed. The PTI chairman vowed not to back off and to fight till his last breath. He said he would go to Islamabad on Thursday (today) and was ready to be arrested again.

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