Imran Khan wants to ban TikTok in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan is extremely concerned about the ‘growing obscenity and vulgarity’ in society and wants to ban app like Tik Tok,, Information Minister Shibli Faraz has said.

The News quoted Faraz as saying that the prime minister had discussed this issue with him not once or twice but 15 or 16 times and wants a comprehensive strategy to check the vulgarity being spread in society through mainstream outlets as well as social media and its applications. Faraz quoted the premier as saying that obscenity leads to an increase in crimes like the rape of children and women. He said that the premier recently told him that apps like TikTok are badly harming society’s values and thus should be blocked. The minister said that he told the prime minister that the owners of such apps will first be approached to respect the values of society and ensure that no indecent and obscene content is shared.

“He (Imran Khan) is a man who has spent his life in the West and thus understands the strength of our social and cultural values, which must be protected,” Faraz said, assuring every step will be taken to check obscenity.
When his attention was drawn towards controversial content shown on PTV, as was recently highlighted in the social media, the minister said that he would soon be meeting the MD PTV to ensure that no such content is broadcast which is at odds with our social and religious values. “What I wouldn’t want my own daughter to do, I will not allow to be done by someone else’s daughter and sister,” he said and added that state-run TV should serve as a role model for private channels.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed his special assistant on information Lt Gen (retd) Asim Bajwa to work on a comprehensive strategy to cleanse Pakistani dramas and films of indecency and vulgarity. Bajwa has also been told by the premier to help produce films and dramas which depict the greatness of Islamic history, introduce our youth to the character and achievements of Muslim heroes and produce constructive work free from vulgarity and unethical themes.

The source said that Bajwa is already in touch with PTV as well as TV drama writers and producers to change the trend of Pakistani film-making from its current Bollywood-centric focus to what counties like Turkey and Iran are successfully doing. The Turkish drama Ertugural, which is being shown on PTV following the directives of the prime minister, has been a great success and has broken all records.

Similarly, Prime Minister Imran Khan has also directed PTA to cleanse the internet, social media and various apps of vulgarity for users in Pakistan. PTA Chairman Maj General (retd.) Amir Azeem Bajwa recently told this correspondent that PM Imran Khan is worried about the destruction caused to the social, cultural and religious values of society by vulgarity.

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