Imran Khan wanted to ‘fix’ me: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Former Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has claimed that the Prime Minister had asked Usman Dar and his brother to ‘fix’ Khawaja Asif and discussions regarding an accident were also discussed.

However, the Usman Dar reacted strongly to Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) senior leader Khwaja Asif’s allegations.

Khawaja Asif had said in a local TV channel programme that Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked him (Dar) to fix him (Asif) after the Gujranwala public meeting of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). Later, the clip was posted on facebook.

Dar rubbished the allegation and vowed to hold a news conference on Wednesday on the issue. “I will also weigh the option of applying Articles 62, 63 against him. He is a big liar. “How can my prime minister spare time to discuss the person who is seeking public attention by issuing such baseless statements,” he added.

Dar asserted that he was surprised yet again that such liars were sitting in the Parliament, who could go to any extent for their vested interests. He announced holding of a news conference to expose “this person, who should have thought of his old age at least”.

Dar claimed that Prime Minister never talked about him even after the iqama episode. “There was a perfect opportunity for me to hit him back in my speech during the Tiger Force convention next day, but I did not. He is just desperate for cheap popularity. I will not spare this lair anymore and expose him everywhere,” he added.

In a private TV talk show, Kh Asif claimed that after Gujranwala public meeting, the rivals in his city were asked by Prime Minister Imran Khan to fix him. “The discussion was that either I should be targeted through an accident, or I should be forced out of vehicle and slapped in the face or his face be blackened or drugs case be filed against him,” the PML-N leader added.

A netizen commenting on the post asked Khawaja Asif that to be courageous after speaking against Imran Khan (in Gujranwala rally) and should expect kicks, not slaps.

Dar had contested general election against Khwaja Asif and lost to him from Sialkot. Asif had pocketed 116,957 votes and Dar secured 115,464 votes in 2018 general election from NA-73 (Sialkot-II).

Salma Iqbal

Reporter - The Pakistan Daily

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