Imran Khan told lawyers he wants Justice Isa out, promised revenge on Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman

In an explosive development, former Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President, Yasin Azad has alleged that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had sought the help of the legal fraternity to remove Justice Qazi Faeez Isa from his position whilst also promising a ‘crack-down’ on Jang group editor in chief Mir Shakeel ur Rehman.

This admission has shocked observers since a Presidential reference against Justice Qazi Faeez Isa was previously discarded but the fact that a sitting prime minister urged lawyers to work for the removal of a Supreme Court judge is unprecendented.

Former SCBA President Yasin Azad claimed that Justice Isa’s free-spirited attitude irks the government and for this reason, it will try anything in its power to try and remove Justice Isa from office.

Justice Isa is also en route to become Chief Justice of Pakistan in 2023, which is also the year of the next elections.

Yasin further stated that PM Khan vowed to crack down on Jang group editor in chief Mir Shakeel ur Rehman as if he was his personal enemy. The lawyers expressed shock and awe over the treatment meted out to MSR who has been in NAB’s custody for almost 250 days in a 34 year old property case.

Even after multiple hearings, MSR has been unable to secure bail which has led many lawyers to believe that Imran Khan is personally monitering the case against MSR and ensuring that justice is not done.

Meanwhile senior lawyers termed the dissenting notes of Justice Maqbool Baqir and Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, in the case of Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, a charge sheet for the entire federal government including the President and the Prime Minister.

Justice Maqbool Baqir called the allegations levelled against Justice Isa “baseless, ridiculous and based on malice.”

Justice Baqir held that the government used state machinery and government resources unconstitutionally and illegally to go after Justice Isa.

In his note, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah wrote that the entire investigation carried out against Justice Isa including the process of surveillance, evidence collection, and approval of the summary by the PM was based on facts and legal intent.

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