Imran Khan slams Shehryar Afridi for bad lighting in Kohat Jalsa

KOHAT: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday publicly slammed Shehryar Afridi for the bad lighting in PTI’s Kohat Jalsa.

According to the details, Imran Khan, while addressing to the jalsa, criticised Shehryar Afridi for bad lighting and said that next time Shehryar will not take this responsibility.

Later on, Imran Khan appreciated Shehryar Afridi for his work for the party.

Previously, Imran Khan appreciated the lighting of ARY. In a video, Imran Khan was preparing for a speech, he talked about some of the interviews and their visual output.

Talking about his recent interview with Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid on HUM News, Imran Khan expressed his opinion that he did not like the lighting of the interview. “Check everything,” he said urging the technicians to make it “look professional”. “Shaan’s one was very bad. The photography was bad,” he said

“See, lighting is everything. If the lighting is not right…” Imran Khan said as he was interrupted by a question from a member of the team. Then he says, “So, where should I start’ visibly preparing for his speech.

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