Imran Khan should ask ISI which cabinet members visited Israel: Dr Shahid Masood

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Veteran news anchor Dr Shahid Masood has stunned viewers after advising Prime Minister Imran Khan to find out which of his cabinet members secretly visited Israel.

In a television talk show, Dr Shahid Masood who is famous for his sweeping statements without providing evidence said: “It’s important for Imran Khan to check that his team, some of which are elected and unelected, who are the ones who visited Tel Aviv in recent months.”

Dr Shahid Masood claimed that he knew that Imran Khan was not aware of this development, requesting the Prime Minister to ask the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) about his claims.

This development has stirred a huge controversy since the Foreign Office has denied that Pakistan is seeking to build ties with Israel.

This news broke like wildfire on social media, with users spreading the baseless conspiracy sparked by Dr Shahid Masood.

A user said: “Some officials of @ImranKhanPTI cabinet team paid a secret visit to Tel Aviv , agency will surely know: Dr. Shahid Masood isn’t it #Pakistan Government VVIP plane (PA-9834) ?? Which was in Amaan, Jordan at the recent meeting between #Israel and #SaudiArabia.”

Others mocked Dr Shahid Masood who also has a history of making false and malicious statements.

Meanwhile, Dr Shahid Masood has not issued a clarification regarding his statements but many viewers find it difficult to believe since Dr Shahid Masood had once claimed that he had uncovered evidence of a child pornography ring which was backed by some politicians.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had invited Dr Shahid Masood to provide evidence which he claimed to have but in the court, Dr Shahid Masood failed to provide any evidence.

A Joint Investigation Team was made to look into Masood’s allegations which found that: “Shahid Masood has failed to substantiate his claims with proof.”

Dr Shahid Masood’s show has frequently been banned by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority for spreading fake news but this has not stopped the anchor from making claims without evidence.

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