Imran Khan says country can’t progress with govt ‘selected’ by powerful quarters

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that the country can only move forward with a government elected by the people, not selected by the establishment as he highlights the efforts for the formation of a king’s party to disturb the electorate of PTI.

Addressing his supporters virtually from his Lahore residence Zaman Park, the former prime minister said that he is ready to talk, but needed an explanation on what will happen after him.

They will divide the electorate by forming a party and include PTI leavers in it, form a coalition government, he added and went on to add that people will not even vote for PML-N.

PTI chairman asserted that a coalition government is not a solution to the country’s problems but only a government formed with the support of the people without establishment’s backing.

He stated that the current pressure being exerted on his party is unprecedented.

Imran Khan claimed 10,000 of his supporters have been thrown into jails and alleged that numerous activists, including party leaders, have been subjected to torture due to their unwavering support for the party.

“Ejaz Chaudhary and Mian Mehmood ur Rashid were among those who faced torture. Currently, our leadership is either in jail or in hiding. The government is now targeting ticket holders in an attempt to separate them from the PTI, and many have succumbed to this pressure.”

Imran Khan claims that many of those who have deserted the party are now actively seeking to encourage further breakaways.

“A new party is being rustled up as part of a scheme to divert PTI members towards it, and this game is already in progress. The homes of those in hiding are being attacked and demolished.”

Referring to the authorities, Imran Khan alleged that PTI workers were being threatened with the abduction of women from their households.

“They have stooped to such levels. It is unimaginable that Pakistani politics would reach this point.”

“They [the authorities] are hesitant to release women, fully aware that none of them were involved in any acts of arson. They know that only around 100 to 150 people may have engaged in rioting, while the rest were peacefully protesting.”

Imran further stated, “I am aware that our judiciary is under immense pressure. I know that judges are receiving threatening phone calls from unknown numbers.”

He expressed that all institutions of the country were being employed for a single purpose – to somehow eliminate the PTI.

“According to the reports we received from jails, this is the first time that the majority of police officers are dissatisfied with the actions they are being compelled to take. Most of them believe that undue cruelty is being inflicted.”

“They have inserted goons within the police force who are pressuring them. They are being coerced into carrying out these actions,” he continued.

Referring to the crackdown on the PTI, Imran Khan questioned, “Despite all this, why have only a few individuals left the party?”

“One reason is that this time, I personally allotted party tickets, and people have realised that leaving the party at this crucial juncture would bring an end to their political careers,” he self-responded.

“We did not even intend to allocate tickets to most of those who have departed from the PTI,” the party chairman said.

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