Imran Khan couldn’t have found someone better than Azmat Saeed to whitewash Broadsheet case: Hussain Nawaz Sharif

LONDON: Hussain Nawaz Sharif has criticised the appointment of Justice Azmat Saeed as the head of a one-man commission to investigate the Broadsheet case.

In a video, Hussain Nawaz says: “Justice Azmat Saeed is an extremely controversial individual to head the Broadsheet commission. No one could be more controversial than him.

“Look at his history, when Musharraf made NAB, what was the motive? To justify Musharraf’s take over. And Justice Azmat Saeed was in NAB at that time. And after this, Azmat Saeed was instrumental in signing the criminal agreement with Broadsheet”.

Hussain Nawaz further mentioned that as a lawyer at that time, Justice Azmat Saeed knew the loss such a bogus agreement would cause to Pakistan but he did nothing.

Justice Azmat Saeed was recently appointed to head the one man Broadsheet commission despite criticism from various corners.

SKMH Board of Governors List.

Not only is Azmat Saeed a board member at Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital but he was also a part of the bench that convicted Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistan Bar Council’s Vice Chairman Khushdil Khan and Supreme Court Bar Association President Abdul Latif Afridi have also expressed their reservations regarding the appointment of Azmat Saeed Sheikh, however, he has not refused the role despite a mega controversy.

Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh

Hussain Nawaz said that Justice Azmat maligned politicians whilst being in NAB and unfairly targetted the Sharif Family in the hijacking case which was resolved by the Lahore High Court.

“Azmat Saeed was in NAB, he had nothing to do with the case but he received the funds. He made multiple cases on politicians including the Sharif Family. The unfortunate thing is that he also sat in the Panama bench to decide those cases,” Hussain Nawaz said.

Hussain Nawaz further claimed that Azmat Saeed was behind the “Whatsapp JIT”, hinting towards a controversy which alleged that some judges allegedly got instructions regarding the decision via Whatsapp.

Saqib Nisar and Azmat Saeed.

“When this issue got leaked from the SECP, that even names of officers are being given, including the names of Amir Aziz or Bilal Rasool, (who is Hammad Azhar’s aunt’s son) came forth, Azmat Saeed called the Attorney General and threatened him to comply or face the consequences,” Hussain Nawaz claimed.

Hussain Nawaz criticised the fact that Azmat Saeed compared the sitting government to a Sicilian Mafia, and used derogatory language against Nawaz Sharif. “In a court, Azmat Saeed said to Nawaz Sharif that there is alot of room in Adiala jail.”

Hussain Nawaz said that the commission was formed to whitewash the dark deeds of the people involved in the Broadsheet fiasco.

PM Khan.

“Imran Khan couldn’t have found a more appropriate person for this task,” Hussain Nawaz said, adding that Azmat Saeed was also a part of pre poll rigging against the PML-N.

Many of Azmat Saeed’s friends and well wishers had advised him not to take this post since he would permanently mire his reputation in controversy.

Najam Sethi, who is a friend and former client of Azmat Saeed’s said: “J (retd) Azmat Saeed is a friend. He was also my lawyer once upon a time. There is a clear conflict of interest —As an ex Dep Prosecutor Gen of NAB, an one of the judges on the Iqama judgment, as a member of the BoD of SKMH! Dont accept. You wont be spared by media…or history!”.

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