“I will sacrifice my life for Pakistan” – Sehar Kamran

Recently, some videos of PPP leader and former senator Sehar Kamran went viral in which she is present with school children and the children are expressing their love for Pakistan and telling what they will do when they grow up.

One child says that when he grows up, he will join the army and destroy India. The videos went viral on the internet and became memes, and the internet brigade started criticizing Sehar Kamran for teaching hate to school children. Now Sehar Kamran has responded to this criticism of the internet brigade.

Speaking to a news outlet, former Senator, Sehar Kamran said, “These videos are of an Independence Day celebration at Pakistan International School Jeddah. I have resigned as the principal of this school for 10 years now.”

Sehar Kamran said, “Everyone has the right to express their attachment to their country and this is what the students of Pakistan International School Jeddah and I are doing in these videos. Because of these videos, I am facing trolling on the internet, and children are also being made fun of. Trolling has not only hurt me; personally, it has hurt the children of thousands of miles away. Internet users are making fun of their love for their homeland.

“I want to tell these trolls that I love my homeland very much and can give my life for it when the time comes. Because of your ridicule, my school children nor I can stop expressing their love for their country.”

Senator Sehar Kamran has also denied that she resigned from the school due to corruption allegations. To prove her claim she has provided the documentary evidence, a copy of order of closure of inquiry by NAB and by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

The Executive Board of NAB vide their letter dated 2nd April 2018 that there was no incriminating evidence against her and the inquiry was closed and referred to Election Commission regarding allegations of concealment of information in her nomination papers, and it was verified that there was no concealment and all information provided in the nomination form was true, the Election Commission dismissed the plea against her and decided the case in her favour vide order dated 13th May 2019 confirming that there was no violation of rules by her.

In response to social media trolling a thread posted by her on twitter to explain her achievements, progress and explaining reasons for her resignation.

Sehar Kamran claims that she was a victim of political vendetta and some fabricated allegations were levelled to defame and harm her reputation.

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