Hussain Nawaz demands an independent commission to investigate David Rose and Broadsheet

LONDON: Hussain Nawaz Sharif has demanded that an independent commission, unlike the “Whatsapp JIT” should be formed to investigate the allegations of bribery and commissions in the Broadsheet and David Rose scandals.

Kaveh Moussavi of Broadsheet had alleged that David Rose, a freelance reporter who writes for the Daily Mail had demanded a commission of roughly £250,000, almost equivalent to the value of his mortgage for arranging a meeting with Barrister Shehzad Akbar and helping Broadsheet with recovering their money since Rose had allegedly claimed that Imran Khan’s government was “much different” from the previous governments.

Upon this disclosure, David Rose leaked private messages of Kaveh Moussavi that alleged that Moussavi asked for £1 million from the Daily Mail in order to help them in Shehbaz Sharif’s defamation case.

“The matters regarding Broadsheet and David Rose have become very dirty and I would like that an independent commission, not a Whatsapp JIT, should investigate these matters so that it is clear who played what negative role in these matters,” Hussain Nawaz said.

He further confirmed that the Sharif Family’s lawyers had received almost 5 million rupees in legal costs from Broadsheet.

“We could have claimed more money (from Broadsheet), but because Broadsheet is now bankrupt, and their bankruptcy case is in the Isle of Man, our lawyers advised that it’s better to settle instead of pursuing the case there,” Hussain Nawaz said in a video message released to The Pakistan Daily.

Hussain Nawaz explained that in legal matters in UK courts, the losing party pays legal costs, and that (Broadsheet) had withdrawn their case.

Commenting on Shehzad Akbar, Hussain Nawaz said that he twists facts. “Why didn’t Shehzad Akbar say to the UK courts that the money (for Broadsheet) should be taken from the Sharif Family properties (Avenfield apartments), since he had claimed they belonged to the government of Pakistan?” He asked.

“The truth is that they only have allegations, nothing to substantiate them”, Hussain added.

He claimed that whenever the PTI government’s allegations are brought to an independent judicial forum, they are exposed since they have no evidence.

“If the Government of Pakistan and Broadsheet were true in their claims against the Sharif Family, they could’ve attached the Avenfield flats but they could not do that because their entire cases are fake,” he said.

Hussain Nawaz expressed sadness over how the reputation of Pakistan and its judiciary was tarnished after cases like Broadsheet and the Judge Arshad Malik scandal reach international platforms.

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