Hottie Minal Khan revealed a devastating health scare of her father

By Abdullah Zahid

Minal Khan on Friday shared a health update regarding a devastating health scare her father is undergoing.

The Jalan actress took to Instagram Stories to deliver the news and even requested ample prayers regarding her father’s safety and health.

The short and concise post read, “Please pray for my father’s health. He’s extremely sick [prayer emoji].” (sic)

Minal Khan is the sister of Pakistani actress Aiman Khan. The sisters started their careers in the showbiz industry as child artists and later emerged as young talented actresses.

Minal during her interview revealed that she couldn’t pursue her studies because of becoming part of the drama industry at a very young age. However, throughout their career, their father supported them and celebrated his daughters’ success.

Minal’s father has been extremely sick since the past few days. The reason of his illness has not been revealed by Minal.

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