Hottie Ayyan Ali’s sizzling new pictures show significant weight loss

DUBAI: Hottie Ayyan Ali who once ruled the entertainment industry of Pakistan and gained notoriety after being caught with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash has released new pictures which have set a storm on social media.

Sharing a picture with the caption: “Style is a way to say who u r without havin to speak,” Ayyan showed a new look with size zero waist which have led to her fans becoming worried about her health.

One of Ayyan’s fan commented: “You look awfully thin…. Though you never believed in size zero.”

Ayyan Ali’s new look.

Previously, Ayyan became subject of controversy again when she showed kissing her dog, which was criticised by her fans.

Sources have alleged that she used to have a personal relationship with former President, Asif Ali Zardari.

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