Hareem Shah performs Umrah with husband

Hareem Shah became well-known by creating and uploading videos to TikTok. She bravely created videos on a range of subjects despite not knowing how viewers would react to them.

She rapidly rose to fame as a result and rose to prominence on Pakistan’s social media. Her willingness to produce content, whether it is excellent or horrible, sets her apart from other creators.

A few years ago, Hareem Shah married Bilal Shah, a well-known Pakistan Peoples Party member, and the two have since been blessed with a child.

They are very in love with one another, and she frequently exchanges romantic movies with her spouse. Hareem’s spouse stuck by her when she recently encountered difficulties on social media and promised to stick by her all the way through.

Hareem Shah and her husband Bilal Shah are performing the Umrah. She is covering her face with a red burqa as is traditional. Before making any judgements or criticisms about Hareem, it is important to remember that Allah selects people He invites to His home.

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