Hareem Shah is a reward of my parents’ prayers, says husband

Bilal Shah, husband of Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah, in a recent interview said that Hareem Shah is a gift from the Almighty as a result of the prayers of his parents. 

Kareem sat down for an interview with her husband, Bilal Shah, for the first time.

The social media sensation went on to sing praises of her husband while Bilal spoke about the virtues of his better half.

Responding to how the couple met, Bilal, revealed it was a love and an arranged marriage. Adding on the same, Hareem said, “We did not meet or talk on the phone before we tied the knot. When we met, we both felt that we should get married.” She further shared, “My family members were also happy with my decision to marry Bilal and their consent was included. So, I accepted because of my family.”

Explaining her husband’s characteristics, Hareem said, “I did not like men who take drugs and smoke and Bilal does not smoke. Ho doesn’t do drugs, and he does not gossip about anyone; he does not speak nonsense.” 

During the interview, Bilal Shah said that he had given the freedom to Hareem and did not restrict her. “To this day, Hareem has not done anything that would make me hang my head in shame. From the day I married Hareem till today, she has not let me down. She is foolish; she quickly trusts everyone. So, I tell her that to work on this habit of hers.”

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