Govt bans retaining of gifts valued above $300 under new Toshakhana policy

In the midst of the ongoing Toshakhana gifts saga, the government has announced the Toshakhana Policy 2023, which will take effect immediately.

The government has announced a ban on gifts such as vehicles, watches, and jewellery worth millions of rupees for high-ranking officials including the president, prime minister, cabinet members, judges, and civil and military officers.

Under the new policy, they will only be allowed to receive gifts worth up to $300 and cash gifts will be prohibited. Judges and civil and military officers will also be banned from receiving cash gifts from domestic and foreign dignitaries, and any forced cash gifts must be immediately deposited in the national treasury.

The gifted vehicles and valuable antiques will be catalogued and displayed in the central pool of cars of the Cabinet Division and official places owned by the government, respectively.

Apart from the president and PM, other officials will be banned from receiving gifts for their families and gold and silver coins will be handed over to the State Bank of Pakistan.

Officials will be allowed to purchase gifts worth less than $300 at market value, and the public can buy gifts worth more than $300 through an open auction.

Violators of the policy will face punitive action, and only employees in grade 1 to grade 4 will be allowed to receive cash gifts from foreign dignitaries.

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