Govt incentivizing construction industry to help low-income people to have their own houses: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government is providing subsidies and incentivizing the construction industry to help low-income people to have their own houses.

Speaking at a ceremony during a visit to Naya Pakistan Housing Authority’s project Farash Town Apartments in Islamabad on Friday, he said that thirty-five billion rupees have been allocated for subsidy on construction of houses by the low income people. “The government will provide three hundred thousand rupees subsidy on every house for the first one hundred thousand units.”

The Prime Minister said that while one hundred thousand apartments are under construction, the process will now speedily move forward as the structure of the system has been finalized.

“The construction industry has been incentivized in different ways including tax relief. One Window Operation has also been started to facilitate the construction sector,” he added.

Regarding Farash Town Apartments, the Prime Minister said that of the total 4400 apartments, 2000 each have been allocated for low income people and middle income people and four hundred apartments will be provided to slum dwellers.

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