Goons from Bilawal House were brought in Sindh Assembly to terrorize PTI MPAs: Haleem Adil

KARACHI: Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly, on Tuesday expressed his deep anger and exasperation over alleged partial, criminal callus and biased attitude of the Speaker of Sindh Assembly, Agha Siraj Khan Durrani and said that it was the matter of the shame that one of their fellow MPA Firdos Shamim Naqvi finding no way out was forced to tender his resignation from his assembly membership.

He said that PPP rulers in Sindh had crossed all the limits of injustice and brutalities and political victimization even with the elected representatives. Mr Sheikh, who is also the central leader of PTI, speaking to the journalists during the press conference within the premises of Sindh Assembly, said that it was a matter of shame for the so-called champions of the democracy, who again made mockery of the proceedings of Sindh Assembly and got their MPAs barred from entering Sindh Assembly. He alleged when some of the party MPAs tried to enter into the premises to attend an ongoing assembly session, they were barred and abused by the goons, who according to him, were brought from Bilawal House in black clothes.

Mr Sheikh alleged that the goons sent by PPP leaders harassed the female party MPAs and used foul and filthy language against them when they tried to enter in assembly to attend the session adding he made it clear that lady MPAs who faced the such embarrassing situations included Dr Seema Zia, Sidra Imran and others. The PTI leader said that those barred from entering the assembly building on Tuesday were not included in the ban list issued by Mr Durrani against eight members on Monday after the ruckus created by some estranged PTI MPAs.

He said that goons were responsible for the chaotic situations at the gate of assembly building and he with some fellows went there to rescue the MPAs who were facing such untoward situations adding he demanded the actions against all those, who had often created such problematic situations within the premises of the sacred building of Sindh Assembly by bringing goons and outlaws. The PTI leader said that few days back a PPP minister had also gathered such outlaws and goons, who raised slogans against him after he had exposed that minister for his serious criminal activities.

The PTI said that PPP rulers had been behind the shameless acts during the previous sessions of Sindh assembly when the respected elected representatives were tortured, humiliated and abused by the goons brought by PPP leaders. He said that the assembly was of those, who were elected by the people of Sindh and noddy had the right to bar them from attending the sessions and to speak on tyhe floor of the house. . Mr Sheikh said that it was their right to protect their fellows from the goons and they tried to ensure their safety by helping them enter the assembly hall.

Mr Adil said that they had arrived at the venue of the assembly after they came to know that some goons in black clothes were sent by PPP leaders to attack their fellows adding he said that such a plan was made by PPP leaders in a meeting held somewhere in Karachi

He alleged that PPP leaders and those sitting in Sindh Assembly created the ruckus and riots both in the house and outside for the vested interests. He said that PPP leaders, who had always sought shelter under the shadows of the dictators, were now showing their true colours as per the training and grooming they had got from their patrons. He said that PPP was created by Sikemndar Mirza, promoted by General Yaha Khan and revived by General Pervez Musharraf after PPP leaders were given NRO.

Mr Sheikh said that such dirty tricks by Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani and other PPP leaders would not deter them from raising their voice against the rampant corruption and the destruction of the government institutions across the country. ” We are gaining more energy to put up a legal and democratic fight with the corrupt people like Syed Murad Ali Shah” he added and made it clear that the timid and corrupt people after banning their party MPAs got the gates of Sindh Assembly closed.

The senior leader of PTI Firdos Shamim Naqvi, who announced to tender his resignation from the assembly seat during the press conference , said that he was forced to take the extreme step after he had failed to raise the issues of his constituency on the floor of the house due to the biased attitude of the speaker and PPP rulers .He said that the people voted for the redersal of their issues but it was the matter of shame that their elected representatives were not allowed ro even talk on the floor of the house.
He said that during the past three years he always tried to take up the issue of his constituency but was never given the time and attention. Mr Naqvi said that it was very painful for him when the leader of the opposition and the parliamentary leaders of opposition parties were not allowed to speak during the concluding budget session. He said that during his last appearance in the Sindh Assembly he tried to talk on the floor of the house he was again not allowed by the biased speaker to speak. “I have therefore decided to resign from the membership of the Sindh Assembly” he added and held the rulers of Sindh responsible for creating the whole mess, which according to him, would not be a good omen for the democratic dispensation in the province.

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