Ghulam Sarwar Khan expresses desire to become a suicide bomber

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan’s Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan has expressed a desire to become a suicide bomber in a bizarre statement.

Sarwar Khan said that though suicide was forbidden in Islam, he wanted to blow up all the enemies of religion and Pakistan.

Sarwar Khan’s statement has caused immense panic amongst his supporters who also raised questions about the minister’s mental health.

Earlier, Sarwar Khan had claimed that 40% of PIA pilot licenses were fake, resulting in a PIA ban in the UK, Europe and the USA and billions of rupees in losses.

Sarwar Khan’s statement comes at a time when political volatility in Pakistan had reached its highest-ever levels.

Sources indicate that many of Imran Khan’s MNAs were surprised him by voting against him in the vote of no confidence.

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