Gen Bajwa wins hearts & minds in LUMS

LAHORE: General Qamar Javed Bajwa engaged with many LUMS students as well as the faculty in a frank talk followed by a question and answer session that lasted over 6 hours yesterday.

The Chief of the Army Staff answered tough questions of students, ensuring that every question was answered and no one was left without asking a question.

Chatham House rules applied to the session which means that the information from the session could be shared however, the identity of the speaker could not be revealed.

On social media, various users attributed this quote to General Bajwa: “If you think I call the shots in the country, then you don’t know who PM Imran Khan is.”

While the authenticity of this quote could not be independently verified, various first-hand accounts from the participants showed how impressed they were with General Bajwa.

Maham Nasir, a teacher at LUMS wrote: “my student: “i don’t know what happened at LUMS yesterday but everyone who went into that session with the COAS was anti-establishment and came out as pro-establishment”.

Meanwhile, Nida Kirmani, another professor at LUMS who had consistently tweeted about the session before it began chose not to attend the session.

Kirmani claimed that all 80 students who attended the session with General Bajwa expressed dismay over the lockdown, however, she was called out by Dr Mohammad Tariq who confirmed there was no lockdown.


Nida Kirmani further claimed that no photographs were allowed however, this claim was debunked by OSINT Insider who shared multiple photos from the event.

DG ISPR, Major General Babar Iftikhar was also present at the session.

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