Gen Faiz’s request for premature retirement accepted: Sources

RAWALPINDI: The request for a premature retirement made by Lt General Faiz Hameed has been accepted hours before General Asim Munir will take the command of the Pakistani Army.

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed served as the head of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence before commanding the corps of Peshawar and Bahawalpur.

As DG-C and then later as DGI, Gen Faiz was considered to be one of the architects of the “Hybrid Regime”.

A short lived union between the military and PTI, the regime consisted of favourable conditions granted to PTI at the expense of their political opponents according to various analysts in Pakistan.

It has also been believed that Gen Faiz may have been Imran Khan’s top choice for COAS and perhaps that is why he was removed before November 2022.

Gen Faiz’s resignation reflects that he is perhaps not willing to salute to Gen Asim.

Chatter in Rawalpindi suggests that there may have been some lobbying for the post of Army Chief before the decision was made.

Due to the internal dynamics of the race, not only Gen Faiz but also the CGS, Gen Azhar Abbas also found it wise to throw in the towel.

Gen Asim will lead the army with a fresher leadership, due to the premature retirements of two powerful three star generals.

Gen Faiz had been accused by various journalists and politicians of orchestrating illegal actions against them during his time as DG-C and DG-I.

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