Garrett Discovery facing life threats after verifying Saqib Nisar’s leaked audio

Audio forensic firm Garrett Discovery has stated that it is facing life threats after it forensically verified a leaked audio with the alleged voice of Saqib Nisar for Fact Focus.

In a tweet, Garrett Discovery stated: “Today we received a call saying our lives are in danger and the same person said he is going to file in court against us for our work authenticating a file for FactFocus. 1000+ calls and chat requests on our site. Threatening our team to obtain a different result is unethical.”

A disinformation campaign maligning Garrett Discovery was also witnessed on social media where some users questioned the authenticity of Garrett Discovery as a service provider.

Former ARY journalist Faeza Dawood questioned the accreditation of Garrett Discovery in providing such services.

Lawyer Hassan Aslam Shad questioned the educational backgrounds of people working for Garrett Discovery but the Harvard educated lawyer spelt Garrett as “Gareth” in his tweet.

Garrett Discovery also clarified that Mr Nelson worked on Saqib Nisar’s audio, not Mr Bedford as was being claimed earlier.

Senior journalist Murtaza Solangi stated that Garrett Discovery must have the data proving the harassment which could help lead to justice with the help of law enforcement agencies in the United States.

“I am sure you have all the data of the harassment and know how to take the harassers head on with the support of the law enforcement agencies in the US including the state and the federal authorities. It is simply outrageous if that has happened in the US,” Solangi said.

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