Gallant bureaucrat saves Pakistan by seizing liquor bottles in airport

PESHAWAR: A gallant bureaucrat has saved Pakistan from falling into eternal sin and degeneracy after seizing liquor bottles from a passenger arriving from an international destination.

Syed Shaheer Raza, who works in the Customs department in Peshawar took to Twitter to congratulate himself for the mighty feat of seizing the bottles of alcohol from a passenger.

Sharing pictures of Johnnie Walker Red Label, Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Daniels and Gentleman Jack, Shaheer wrote: “Yours truly’s very first airport seizure as AC. Most of these passengers are labourer coming from gulf countries bringing packages for someone else without even knowing what’s in it. Away for destruction it goes.”

Responding to the mighty task committed by the gallant bureaucrat, the former editor of Dawn, Abbas Nasir wrote: “You must be very proud of yourself. Kabhi koyee kaam ki cheez bhi pakrri he?”.

Abdullah Dayo, who serves as the Secretary General of the Progressive Youth Forum was quick to point out the hypocrisy in the entire affair.

He wrote: “The hypocrisy begins here when people like @Shaheer_PCS know that how many his seniors and course mates drink whiskey but just to get popular sentiments, tgey put such posts on social media. I also know how these officers reserve good drinks and gift them to other babus.”

Another user, Omar Sabir commented that drinking should be a personal choice and Pakistan should not become a police state.

The Pakistan Daily reached out to Shaheer who was kind enough to respond to a request for comment, however, citing official rules, the bureaucrat stated that he could not give a quote for a story on this matter.

While many Twitterati criticised Shaheer for glorifying the seizure of 4 liquor bottles, others, including bureaucrats commended him for doing his job.

Ahsan Morai, who serves as an Assistant Commissioner in Sindh said: “Weldone Shaheer. It has just been few days you have been posted on this assignment, yet you have brought so many changes in effective prevention of contrabands. Proud of you. Keep working with this mettle and keep us updated. I always take useless criticism as my strength.”

Later on, Shaheer clarified that the tweet was only shared for informative purposes and dismissed criticism directed towards him.

Senior journalist Matiullah Jan who was recently kidnapped in Islamabad stated that boasting about seizing 4 bottles of liquor reflected the myopic mindset of many CSS officers, however, Shaheer rejected this argument.

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