Friend turned foe: DJ Butt arrested for providing services to opposition

LAHORE: DJ Butt who gained popularity after providing microphone and lighting systems to the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) during their 2014 dharnas has been arrested by Punjab Police for providing the same services to Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

In a TV interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan had threatened vendors who provided services to the PDM with cases and arrests in order to instil fear and prevent them from doing their job.

Imran Khan with DJ Butt

Dj Butt, who stated a deep affiliation with Imran Khan and PTI had earlier garnered controversy when he claimed that the PTI did not pay a sum of millions of his bill for providing sound system and lighting services for their jalsas.

The famous Dj has threatened to take PTI to court but the matter was resolved after Imran Khan himself intervened.

This time, the dispute between former friends turned foes, Dj Butt and Imran Khan has reached new heights after Punjab police arrested Dj Butt and allegedly manhandled him.

In the video of DJ Butt’s arrest, he can be heard asking the police what his crime was but the police gave no answer, only asked him to come with him.

Dj Butt with Imran Khan

The opposition has criticised the government for using state resources to prevent their rallies.

A similar situation was witnessed in Multan when the government did not allow the opposition to hold a rally but political workers belonging to the PDM forced their way to the jalsa venue and were successful in holding a historic rally despite arrests.

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