Former captured Indian pilot Abhinandan believes there is no reason for Pak and India to continue hostilities

Former captured Indian Air Force pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman said there was “no reason” for Pakistan and India to continue with hostilities and called for peace between the two nuclear armed countries.

“I see no reason for us to continue with any kind of hostilities,” Abhinandan said in a new video released by the Pakistani armed forces.

Pakistan’s Air Force (PAF) had shot down two Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace in 2019 and arrested the Wing Commander Abhinandan.

“I do not know what we should do to achieve peace but I only know that there should be peace,” says the former captured wing commander.

During the video, the wing commander also spoke about Kashmir and said that neither he nor the Pakistanis know “what is happening to a Kashmiri”.

“We must think with calm heads,” says the pilot.

“I saw both countries when I was coming down on a parachute, and I could not differentiate between the two countries from above,” the Indian pilot observes.

“When I fell down I did not know whether I was in Pakistan or my own country India. To me, both countries looked the same, the people looked the same as well,” says the pilot.

Wing Commander Abhinandan further stated that he was very impressed by the chivalry displayed by the Pakistani army.

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