FO categorically rejects India’s baseless propaganda against Pakistan at UN CTC meeting

Foreign Office has categorically rejected India’s baseless propaganda against Pakistan at the meeting of UN Counter-Terrorism Committee in Mumbai.

In a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar said it is regrettable that India chose to misuse an important Committee of the UN Security Council to mislead the international community about Pakistan’s role in countering global terrorism. 

The spokesperson said contrary to Indian claims, it is India itself that has remained non-cooperative with Pakistan and deliberately held back judicial proceedings of the Mumbai attack case.

He said the Indian government should be held accountable for attempting to unjustifiably prolong the legal proceedings of the Mumbai case by employing a range of dilatory tactics.

He said India’s malfeasant intervention in the CTC meeting in Mumbai yet again corroborates Islamabad’s long-standing concerns that New Delhi is only interested in politicizing international counter terrorism forums to malign Pakistan.

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