FM Bilawal announces to resolve visa issues of Usman Arshad

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has announced that he will write special letters to the embassies to resolve the visa issues of Usman Arshad.

Usman Arshad, a resident of Punjab’s Okara district, who earlier announced to embark on the Hajj journey on foot, but was facing visa issues.

Speaking exclusively to The Pakistan Daily‘s correspondent Raja Furqan Ahmed on Saturday, Usman said, “He met with FM Bilawal Bhutto. Bilawal issued orders to the relevant DG to solve the problems.”

“During the conversation, Bilawal asked me how can I help you and I tell him about my visa issues. Bilawal said that he will write a special letter to the embassies,” Usman added.

Earlier, Usman said, “Last year I travelled from Okara to Pakistan-China Border by foot for peace in Pakistan, 1270 kilometres in 34 days. Now, I want to travel from Okara to Mecca by Foot for the Hajj pilgrimage 2023.”

“Unfortunately, I have some visa problems on this trip that the Foreign Ministry can assist. In my journey, I will pass through Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait to reach Saudi Arabia and must obtain these visas on arrival which will give me more time to cross these countries,” he added.

He further said that Iraq’s embassy is denying his visa by stating that they only issue Ziarat/pilgrimage visas to Pakistanis and the Kuwait embassy simply does not issue visit visas.

“The purpose of walking from Okara to Mecca is my dream. I want to see the culture of all the Muslim countries that come along the way and visit the holy places there. I want to feel the state when people used to go to Mecca on foot in the old days and what were their feelings and emotions when they reached Mecca,” Usman said.

Usman Arshad specifically asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help him satiate his passion for visiting the holy cities of Islam.

“If other countries extend a helping hand to their citizens achieve it, why can’t ours,” he asked.

Raja Furqan Ahmed

Raja Furqan Ahmed is the News Editor of The Pakistan Daily.

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