Flood on Steroids and Rampant Repercussions (Opinion)

An unprecedented deluge in Pakistan has wreaked havoc across the country. The two-thirds population has been affected by the calamity.

Roads are washed away, homes have been damaged, and land is submerged in low-lying regions, where the deluge has hit the hardest. The inundation has washed away everything and has resulted in diseases, high inflation, instability in every walk of life, and a decrease in the country’s GDP growth. 

More than 1500 people have either drowned or given up in the face of diseases or severe hunger. A great number of children have succumbed to Dengue, diarrhoea, and malaria. In some regions, people are suffering from skin ailments, including those where water will likely take a few months to recede. In low-lying regions where the floods have brought massive destruction, people’s income mostly depends on agriculture and livestock. These are the primary assets of the displaced and have been damaged severely. An estimated one million animals perished in the flash flood.

People have nothing to eat; they are prone to hunger, and children are suffering from malnutrition. At the same time, people cannot afford a single time bread or food for a day due to high inflation and skyrocketing prices of vegetables.

Furthermore, roads, which are one of the only ways of communication, have been washed away in most areas. Resultantly, food and other basic life necessities have become inaccessible.

Philanthropists, NGOs, armed forces, and the government have been distributing rations and aid to the affected. Besides, many flood-affected people have been evacuated by the armed forces and the governments. Tent schools have been installed to ensure that education does not take a huge hit.

Pakistan was already wrapped in debt and political and economic instability. But the floods have made matter worse. Many international organizations and personalities visited flood-hit areas, including UN General Secretory Antonio Guterres, and pledged that they will request other countries for aid and the IMF to soften its conditions for loan repayment.

Considering all of the facts, the government should provide subsidies to farmers in the shape of seed and urea-Nitrogen. Moreover, the government should immediately adopt a policy to provide opportunities to the unemployed in the private sector. Due to the devastating condition of a flood, people and children are caught in diseases.

Hence, many teams of medical officers should be formed to try their utmost to ensure their sound health. Lastly, the government should pump out water from the towns and villages where it is yet to recede as soon as possible so that people can get back to their homes and resume their lives.

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