Federal Cabinet’s sensitive data vulnerable due to Indian software used in e-cabinet portal

ISLAMABAD: The sensitive data of the Federal Cabinet is at risk as the launching of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to run the portal of the E-Cabinet has been purchased from an Indian IT firm.

According to the details, highly placed sources have informed Pakistan Today that the National Information Technology Board (NITB) – an attached department of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom – has reportedly purchased MDM software/application from Chennai-based Indian company, Zoho Corporation, a year before and installed it in the tablets given to Federal Cabinet members.

The sources further said that the Government of Pakistan had imposed a ban on Indian-developed products, however, in this case, the NITB reportedly showed negligence and purchased MDM solutions from the Indian firm despite a solution similar to this product already available in the global market.

Moreover, the sources said that the Zoho MDM application can access the mic and camera of every tablet device issued to federal cabinet members.

Earlier, the cabinet division had also found vulnerabilities during the technical audit of the e-cabinet portal but later on, NITB approached Zoho corporation, without doing any due diligence, for improving the system.

The cabinet division had also shown its displeasure to the former permanent ED of the NITB on the reports of weak security and platform performance of the e-cabinet portal, the sources added.

Meanwhile, Independent technical experts have claimed that the Indian Company can remotely retrieve the sensitive data issued to Cabinet Members and Secretaries.

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