FATF to announce whether Pakistan will be removed from Grey List today

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will announce today if Pakistan has done enough to exit the grey-list after its four-day plenary meeting.

FATF President, Marcus Pleyer will give a press briefing about this matter later today.

Sources claim that the FATTF jury is divided but say it is possible that Pakistan would remain in the grey list until June.

The FATF updated the overall performance of all countries before the plenary meeting.

Pakistan has showed improving compliance on two out of 40 recommendations of the FATF on effectiveness of anti-money laundering and combating financing terror systems.

However, Pakistan’s progress is non-compliant on 4 counts, partially compliant on 25 counts and largely compliant on 9 recommendations. Pakistan’s evaluation at the plenary will be based on the 27-point action plan and not on these 40 recommendations.

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