Famous dancer Rimal Ali joins PTI to build Naya Pakistan

LAHORE: Famous transgender dancer, Rimal Ali has decided to join PTI to build Naya Pakistan and has been given the senior post of Coordinator for Gender Discrimination for Insaf Welfare Wing.

Rimal Ali with her new party members.

Just a few days earlier, Rimal Ali was kidnapped and tortured, which is why, she decided to venture into politics to get social justice.

Rimal is one of the most famous dancers in Lahore, who can charge up to quarter a million rupees to entertain guests at exclusive weddings and parties.

Rimal made her film debut in 2018 with Saat Din Mohabbat in 2018, and has two other films lined up.

The dancer stated that she would not quite showbizz despite her new political committments.

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