Family vows to take legal action over ‘baseless allegations’ against Justice Mazahar

The family of a senior Supreme Court judge has decided to adopt legal recourse over the allegedly baseless allegations against him and character assassination on social media.

Family sources told the media that baseless and absurd allegations were being levelled against the apex court judge.

The family of Justice Mazahar Ali Naqvi claimed attempts were being made to discredit the Supreme Court judge through frivolous allegations and an organized character assassination campaign.

Three Supreme Court judges are being suspected of corruption through a confession from an accused, they claimed.

Justice Mazahar and his family have been accused of receiving kickbacks, the sources said.

The family of the Supreme Court judge’s has decided to take legal action against the allegations, the sources said further.

The family sources claimed some important figures in the present caretaker set-up are running an organized campaign against Justice Naqvi based on a confessional statement by a suspect.

They termed the allegations absolutely baseless.

Justice Mazahar has never met Moonis Elahi, the family sources said, adding he met Parvez Elahi just once in his life.

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