Fahd Hussain gives a clean chit to PTI’s Hammad Azhar

ISLAMABAD: SAPM Fahd Hussain gave a clean chit to Hammad Azhar in a Twitter conversation.

In a Tweet, PTI’s Hammad Azhar had advised PDM to appoint Fahd Hussain instead of Mohsin Naqvi as Caretaker CM Punjab since according to him, Hussain was biased but not corrupt.

In response, Fahd Hussain gave a clean chit to Hammad Azhar saying that Azhar wasn’t corrupt as well.

This comes as various PMLN leaders have accused Hammad Azhar of being involved in mega corruption scandals during his time as a federal minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet.

According to reliable sources, Hammad Azhar has been accused of making “favourite” appointments in LESCO in return of monetary payments.

It has been claimed that even now, monthly payments are being made to Hammad Azhar for these jobs.

Hammad Azhar is the son and political scion of senior politician Mian Azhar, who has served as Governor Punjab.

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