Extradition request for alleged D Company associate Jabir Motiwala withdrawn by US

LONDON: The extradition request for alleged D Company associate, Jabir Motiwala has been withdrawn by the United States after a story by Murtaza Ali Shah in The News International revealed how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) trapped the Karachi businessman.

After the story was published on March 19, 2021, the United States has formally written to the United Kingdom confirming their withdrawal of Motiwala’s extradition request.

Jabir Motiwala is set to leave Wandsworth prison for Karachi after procedural matters are completed.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS): “The US have withdrawn the extradition request, therefore we will not be appealing any decision to grant unconditional bail.”

Earlier, the Westminister Magistrates’ Court had ordered the alleged D Company associate’s extradition however, the Home Office has informed the court that the US has withdrawn the extradition request.

The extradition request was withdrawn after the story by Murtaza Ali Shah in the The News International revealed how former FBI agent Kamran Faridi was involved in trapping Motiwala by posing as a narcotics dealer.

Indian media has lashed into a frenzy after the withdrawal of Motiwala’s extradition since they portrayed the Karachi businessman as Dawood Ibrahim’s right hand man.

Faridi, who is currently in jail in the US gave a witness statement to the London High Court on March 25.

Motiwala had been arrested on August 15, 2018 from the Hilton Hotel on Edgware Road when he arrived in London from Cyprus on a visit on the charges of importing Class-A drugs, extortion and money laundering.

According to the US government, three FBI agents, including Faridi facilitated the trap mission for Motiwala. One agent travelled to Karachi in 2010 to hold meetings with Motiwala to set up deals for the smuggling of drugs into the USA.

The US government claims that these meetings were secretly recorded and Motiwala suspected he was being trapped, and reported it to the Pakistani authorities.

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