Exhibition of handwritten copies of the Holy Quran arranged at Punjab Arts Council

RAWALPINDI: Cultural Consulate Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ehsan Khazaei has said that Muslims need more empathy and compassion than ever before so that difficulties can be overcome with the help of each other and the best way is the Holy Quran which is also a beacon. There is adherence and commitment to it, which is also a manifestation of the unity of Muslims.

He said this at the Punjab Arts Council, Khana Farhang Iran, Rawalpindi and Persian Research Center, Iran, Pakistan and Arts Council jointly organized an exhibition of handwritten copies of the Holy Quran along with an exhibition of calligraphy-based on the Prophet Era of renowned calligrapher Muhammad Azeem Iqbal. He was accompanied by Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmad.

Cultural Consul Ehsan Khazaei said that more than a year has passed since COVID-19 went through a dangerous epidemic and a large number of people fell victim to the deadly virus and lost their lives. He said that the purpose of holding this exhibition is to honour the Holy Quran and to promote and expand the Quranic culture and concepts and to create a spiritual atmosphere for the promotion of love and affection from the Quran and the lovers of Quranic culture to be introduced to the sophisticated manuscripts of the Qur’an.

Ehsan Khazaei said that the Center for Persian-Iranian Research in Iran and Pakistan, which has recently moved to Khaneh Farhang-e-Iran, Rawalpindi, has more than 600 manuscripts of the Holy Quran and we can claim that there is no precedent for such a collection. However, due to space constraints, it was not possible to display all the manuscripts. Therefore, only forty-one manuscripts are on display in this exhibition and these manuscripts are being presented to the public for the first time.

The Cultural Consulate Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran added that most of the Qur’anic manuscripts on display are mostly four hundred years old and have been handwritten, which is a sign of how familiar the elders were with the Qur’an. ‘You will know by looking at these exquisite Quranic manuscripts. How beautifully the combination of spirituality and art is presented in the form of the Qur’an,’ he further added.

Ehsan Khazaei further said that the calligraphy of the copies of the Holy Quran is very beautiful and some of them are adorned with gold water and other colours and some of them have also been made into flowers. Besides, the decoration of all the copies of the Holy Quran (beautiful margins) is also observed. Can be done and some Persian versions of the Quran can also be seen translated and some have been written on very fine and scarce paper. Seeing them gives spiritual pleasure.

Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmad said that Khaneh Farhang Iran and Arts Council have always worked hard together for the promotion of Islamic values ​​and Iranian culture. He said that the Punjab Council of the Arts, Rawalpindi will continue its cooperation with Khaneh Farhang Iran in future as well. He said that the rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran proved how much our forefathers loved Islam. The exhibition of handwritten copies of the Holy Quran will continue till Wednesday.

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