Exclusive: NAB team in Dubai finds “unequivocal evidence” against Imran in Toshakhana case

DUBAI/ISLAMABAD: A four-member team from the National Accountability Bureau has found “unequivocal evidence” regarding illegalities surrounding the Toshakhana case against Imran Khan.

NAB’s team, led by Director Rizwan Ahmed met with Umar Farooq Zahoor at Pakistan’s Consulate in Dubai and also visited Graff’s shop to ascertain the authenticity of the Graff set held by Zahoor.

In April 2019, Farah Gogi sold the one of a kind Graff set featuring a watch with a Kabah styled dial to Umar Farooq Zahoor for a sum of approximately $2 million.

Whilst Farah has denied travelling to Dubai in 2019, The Pakistan Daily was able to find a flight manifest which showed that the former first lady’s friend travelled to Dubai in a Bahria Town plane alongside Malik Riaz’s grandson, Zoraiz Malik.

In order to prevent reporting of this story, Malik Riaz’s team threatened The Pakistan Daily of “dire consequences” and proceeded to send a defamation notice demanding 10 billion rs in December 2022, however, the story is live on The Pakistan Daily despite intimidation by Malik Riaz.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Umar Farooq Zahoor’s lawyer confirmed that his client met investigators from NAB and verified the authenticity of the watch.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has previously used derogatory statements against Zahoor but Zahoor has asked why the Graff set was sold to him in the first place?

“I didn’t want any non-Muslim to buy this watch since it’s a one-of-a-kind piece. I didn’t want any disrespect for the piece,” Zahoor had told The Pakistan Daily in December last year, adding that he was an ardent watch collector who owned over 100 watches.

The four member team from NAB also met with Mohammad Shafiq, owner of the Islamabad based jewellery shop, Art of Time.

Umar Farooq Zahoor pictured with the Graff set gifted to Imran Khan by Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman.

Imran Khan had submitted a hand written receipt from Art of Time, alleging that he had sold it for 5.1 crores to the watch dealer, however, Shafiq has categorically denied buying that watch and has accused Imran Khan of using a fake receipt and forging his signature.

Earlier, Shafiq had issued an affidavit before the Pakistani consulate in Dubai stating that he was not the buyer of the watch. The affidavit was confirmed

Furthermore, Senior journalist Rana Abrar who broke the Toshakhana scandal told The Pakistan Daily that the 2 crore payment made for the watch in the Toshakhana did not come from any of Imran’s own accounts but through a shady middleman.

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