Exclusive: Hussain Elahi says father is on board with decision to leave PMLQ

GUJRAT: MNA Chaudhry Hussain Elahi has said that his father Chaudhry Wajahat Hussain is on board with his decision to leave PMLQ.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, the young MNA said: “Father is on board. Had told Shujaat sab that majority of PML-Q is with PTI and willing to sit in opposition so we will not compromise just so two members can enjoy perks.”

Hussain Elahi added that Chaudhry Shujaat was reluctant on making a decision that the majority members asked for hence he decided to leave.

This development comes just a few hours after Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s meeting with Chaudhry Shujaat today.

Shujaat son, Chaudhry Saalik is currently serving as a Federal Ministet in Shehbaz Sharif’s cabinet whilst Pervaiz Elahi’s son, Moonis Elahi served as a minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Whispers of a growing rivalry between Moonis and Saalik have been doing the rounds since many years now. However, now not only are the Chaudhrys of Gujrat divided after doing politics together for 5 decades, the party they created, the PMLQ which has 5 MNAs also stands divided.

Both Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain spent their entire political lives together, never dividing despite many hard times, however, this unity could not be transcended to their younger generation.

Recently, sources revealed that Chaudhry Shujaat made last ditch efforts to convince his cousin Pervaiz to stay on as Speaker and to allow Hamza Shehbaz Sharif to continue as CM.

This request was not granted and today, Chaudhry Hussain Elahi, the youngest PMLQ MNA decided to leave his own family’s party.

There were also efforts to make Hussain the Leader of the Opposition which were subverted by various political players.

It has also been claimed that General Muzammil, who was Chairman WAPDA and who has been accused in a multi million dollar corruption scandal acted as a bridge between Moonis and another serving senior General who advised Moonis to stay with PTI.

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