Exclusive: Candid with Rukhma, co-host of Mazaaq Raat

Rukhma Marriyam is an emerging talent from the entertainment industry who started her career as a model. She pursued a degree in Psychology from FC College while modelling for various brands, commercials and bagging fashion shows. After graduation, she ventured toward television and is currently co-hosting Mazaaqraat, one of the top comedy and political satire shows in Pakistan.

Let’s get to know a bit more in a candid interview with one of Pakistan’s top growing stars.

Waeed: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Rukhma: I am a model and a co-host. I have completed my graduation in Psychology. I’m planning on continuing my education and will do a Master’s degree.

Rukhma on the cover of Papperazi. Photo via Pakistan Today.

Waeed: How did you get started in the modelling business?

Rukhma: I was always passionate about modelling and acting. Both are my areas of interest. I got started with modelling while I was in my senior year of university. As someone who doesn’t have a background in the industry, I used to search on the internet for good modelling agencies. I finally came across citrus talent where I gave my first audition and then it all started.

Waeed: What were the challenges you faced when you started modelling?

Rukhma: Well, I faced a lot of bullying and body shaming. I am not a size zero and I never want to be. But there is a difference between telling someone that you need to lose weight for your career and outright bullying them, shaming them. And it wasn’t only me. The girls who were really slim were also targeted with comments like ‘Eat something’ ‘You seem anorexic’. So basically, they are never happy with you. And it’s not only the body. They target your facial features as well. I was faced with comments that targeted my eyes, lips, nose, ears, basically everything. So this is a big issue in our industry. They don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and shaming which can lead to a plethora of mental health issues.

Waeed: What are your hobbies/interests outside modelling?

Rukhma: I am a very introverted and boring person. I usually like to spend time with myself, in my room watching Youtube videos, short films etc. I also like exercising, going on long walks while listening to music and yeah, food! Food is life! I love eating food!

Waeed: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rukhma: Narcissistic people really annoy me.

Waeed: You’ve recently started co-hosting for Mazaaqraat. Was the transition from modelling to hosting easy?

Rukhma: I am still modelling of course alongside co-hosting. The co-hosting thing was unexpected. I went to Mazaaqraat as a guest and then they called me and asked me if i was interested in co-hosting the show to which my response was a resounding yes. They took my audition and then called me for a final interview and that’s how my transition happened – unexpectedly. It was neither easy nor difficult. It all just happened suddenly.

Rukhma is a model and show host. Photo by Rukhma Marriyam.

Waeed: What is one message you would like to give your fans?

Rukhma: Live and let live. Don’t judge and love each other because life is too short for any negativity.

Waeed: What’s next for Rukhma?

Rukhma: As I mentioned, acting is also my passion. So I am planning on pursuing it. But right now I am in the process of finding new projects and learning how to act.

Waeed: You are involved in many things (modelling, hosting) what are you most passionate about?

Rukhma: If you ask me to choose between the 2, then I’ll definitely go for modelling because It’s something I enjoy the most, especially the fashion shows. Co-hosting is a little tough for me since I am an introverted person and talking is not what I enjoy doing but I am trying my best to grow in this area as well.

Waeed: What do you think is your greatest achievement till date?

Rukhma: I guess it’s completing my thesis alongside modelling at my university. It was quite a challenge for me, I started getting modelling projects including fashion shows, an international shoot etc. So managing all of them with my thesis was tough but I bagged an A grade in it which I am content with.

Are you planning on pursuing your career in Psychology?

Rukhma: Well, I haven’t thought of that yet but I would like to study clinical psychology further and become a therapist. Right now I am focusing on my passion (acting/modelling) but I will take out time for my studies because studies are important.

Waeed Khan

Waeed Khan is a Lahore based reporter for The Pakistan Daily.

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