Ex-spymaster Gen Akhtar’s sons deny Swiss account claims

ISLAMABAD: The family of former Pakistani intelligence chief, the late Gen Akhtar, has denied the claims made in the recent Swiss leaks.

Former senator Haroon Akhtar Khan, who was also a member of the cabinet of ex-PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, rejected the claims made regarding his family in the recent Swiss Leaks.

Haroon Akhtar said the Swiss Leaks claim that a bank account was opened in 1985. 15-20 years later, the account held money worth 3.7 million dollars Therefore, it must be their father’s, Haroon Akhter said.

“My father left this world in 1988. Even if he is being linked to something in 1985, the data should have first mentioned the money in 1985 or 1988,” Haroon Akhtar said.

Haroon Akhtar said the Suisse Leak is an attempt to deliberately target Pakistan’s intelligence agency, especially in light of the current Ukraine crisis.

“The newspapers said there was never any charge against my father. However today, my father’s photo is everywhere. Who do you think is being targeted here?” Haroon Akhtar said.

He once again reiterated that his family never took part in any illegal activities. Haroon Akhtar firmly rejected the claims, saying his family lives in accordance with the law.

Moreover, Haroon Akhtar said he and his family will seriously contemplate legal action against the organization responsible for Suisse Secrets.

According to the leaked data, Gen Akhtar’s sons held bank accounts in Credit Suisse, one of the world’s most iconic banks. Their father allegedly funnelled billions of dollars in those accounts during the 1980s.

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