Ex-spymaster Faiz Hamid got Rs4-5bn from £190m NCA deal, claims Vawda

ISLAMABAD: Former federal minister and PTI leader Faisal Vawda has claimed that former DG ISI General (R) Faiz Hameed allegedly received Rs4 to 5 billion in National Crime Agency (NCA) £190 million deal. The ex-spymaster telephoned Imran Khan’s cabinet members and asked them to approve the settlement agreement presented before the cabinet.

According to media reports, the former federal minister claimed that General (R) Faiz Hameed as a Director General (DG) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) telephoned all the key ministers in Imran’s cabinet and asked them to approve the £190 million NCA deal. He directly telephoned some senior ministers and the others were dealt with by Gen Faiz’s staff, claimed Vawda.

“The list of wrongdoings of the former spymaster is long which I will reveal later. Gen Faiz Hameed dictated Imran Khan’s cabinet for his personal gains. He forced the federal cabinet to approve the Sui gas for Chakwal at a time when the country was facing a serious financial crisis but Khan obliged him. It was Faiz Hameed who managed Shehzad Akbar’s escape from Pakistan,” claimed Vawda.

Vawda said Shehzad Akbar was facilitated through all means by Gen (R) Faiz Hameed. “The crime (NCA deal) was executed by the prime minister who received favors in the form of Al Qadir University but Faiz Hameed was equally a partner in crime who took financial benefits from this deal. Apart from Gen (R) Faiz Hameed, Shehzad Akbar also received more than Rs1 billion through this deal. He stayed in a 7-star hotel and all his expenses were paid by Malik Riaz’s company in the UK,” claimed Faisal Vawda.

About his NAB appearance, Vawda said he briefed the NAB on this case. It is an open and shut case of Imran Khan’s corruption. Talking about how the NCA deal was approved by the federal cabinet during Imran Khan’s government, Vawda said, “When the agenda was presented before the federal cabinet, the NCA deal was not mentioned in it. I raised an objection to it when Shehzad Akbar presented the NCA deal before the cabinet without any agenda. This deal was approved by the federal cabinet within three minutes,” claimed Vawda.

“Before passing the NCA deal, Imran Khan held a special meeting with his kitchen cabinet and discussed the settlement agreement with them after which it was presented before the entire cabinet for its approval. For every objective Khan had a different kitchen cabinet with whom he discussed the relevant matter. Although the agenda presented before the cabinet did not include the NCA deal, Shehzad Akbar and Imran Khan had separate copies of the agenda in which the NCA deal was mentioned. There were two separate agendas one that was presented before the cabinet (without any mention of NCA deal) and the other one (include NCA deal) that was printed only for official record so that no one could ask questions in case the matter is raised in future. The paragraph ten of the agenda clearly mentioned that the amount should be deposited in federal consolidated funds,” Vawda claimed.

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