Ex DG ISI’s son raises suspicions about Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s death

Abdullah Gul, the son of the eccentric former Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI) General Hamid Gul has raised suspicions about the death of Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

Hamid Gul

Speaking to a news outlet, Abdullah Gul had claimed that he had a lengthy meeting with Tehreek e Labaik leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi just a day before his demise and found the Allama to be fully healthy with nothing wrong with him.

Abdullah, who was himself fired upon in Islamabad by unknown assailants previously held that Khadim’s death was part of a greater ‘conspiracy’ which included the deaths of other Islamic leaders as well.

Khadim Hussain Rizvi

General Hamid Gul, Abdullah’s father had served as DG ISI during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and is said to have played an instrumental role in the subsequent withdrawal of Soviet forces from the country.

Khadim Rizvi sprung into popularity in the aftermath of the hanging of Salman Taseer’s murderer Mumtaz Qadri. Khadim made aggressive and hate filled speeches which drew some elements of the traditionally conservative Barelvi community to his side.

Just a few days before his death, Khadim had led a rally in Rawalpindi, calling for the removal of the French Ambassador from Pakistan after Charlie Hebdo, a french satirical magazine published offensive cartoons.

Khadim Rizvi’s son, Saad Rizvi, expected to be the new Amir of TLP.

Rizvi’s son, Saad Hussain Rizvi threatened the government with more protests if the agreed demands weren’t fulfilled.

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