EU Ambassador calls on Ali Zaidi

ISLAMABAD: European Union Ambassador Ms Androulla Kaminara called on Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi in his office in Islamabad today.

According to the details, the minister discussed the Seafarers Visa issue on priority, requesting the Ambassador to make the process of issuing Visa’s quicker, preferably less than 2 weeks and allow multiple entries.

Ambassador assured him that she’s already looking into the matter, many member EU states have already relaxed their conditions however the Seafarers are being categorized according to their rank and pay; Engineers, Captains and Crew Members, all have different criteria for the issuance of visas.

Discussion on the Exclusive Economic Zone also took place where the Minister apprised the Ambassador about the Deep Sea Fishing policy introduced by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Ban on Seafood Export from Pakistan to the EU was also discussed in detail.

Minister emphasized addressing this issue on priority as it had massive potential.

Lastly, Minister Zaidi shared his vision for the Maritime sector in Pakistan, also hoped for a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan, which would open up Pakistani Ports particularly Gwadar, to the Central Asian Republics.

Discussion on the recently announced Karachi Comprehensive Coastal Development Zone Project of CPEC took place and he invited the Ambassador to visit the ports.

MS Kaminara accepted the invite and stressed upon close coordination and strengthening of ties between Pakistan and the Member EU States in the Maritime Sector especially with regards to improving the environment.

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