Epitome of luxury: Khokhar Palace destroyed by LDA

LAHORE: One of the most famous residences in Lahore, Khokhar Palace, which is owned by PML-N leaders Saif ul Malook Khokhar and MNA Malik Afzal Khokhar was partially destroyed by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Scores of policemen oversaw the operation, ensuring that private security belonging to the Khokhar brothers would not intervene.

The Pakistan Daily has learnt that LDA was able to relinquish 38 kanals of land which belonged to the government and is worth a whopping 1.25 billion rupees.

The road from Ayub Chowk to Khokhar Palace was sealed off and Saif Market was demolished during the operation. The rear part of two houses near Khokhar Palace were also bulldozed.

The Additional Deputy Commission Revenue (ADCR) Lahore and the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations supervised the operation.

Sources have claimed that Usman Buzdar himself ordered the operation, since the Khokhar brothers had been providing support for the PDM rallies.

Human rights activist, Mohtarma Reham Khan questioned the motives for the LDA operation. She wrote: “Is this the house of the main support base of Maryam Nawaz during recent events? What was the Lahore High Court Judgement? Why has it been demolished & why was Imran’s house regularised?”

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