Entrepreneur defies stereotypes as social media influencer

ISLAMABAD: Dubai-based Pakistani Fahad Asad, originally an entrepreneur, has become a successful social media influencer.

Pakistani entrepreneur-turned-entertainer Fahad Asad is fast gaining popularity on social media. He has 1 million Instagram followers, 35,000 TikTok followers, and 300,000 video likes. His serials are popular.

Fahad always aspired to be a social media influencer and believes that simplicity, clarity, and audience focus are key to the creative process. Current events—politics, social issues, and sports—inspire Fahad’s engaging and instructional content. Fan feedback and comments push him to think imaginatively and generate high-quality content.

As social media has increased influencers, Fahad is an example to others who may not fit the traditional mould of a successful influencer. Fahad’s business and creative ideas have shown that anyone can prosper on social media.

“I will try my hardest to develop content that addresses social and home concerns, political situations, and sporting events in a digestible and goal-oriented approach,” Fahad said.

When asked about goals for the future, the influencer excitedly said, “I want to have 10 million followers across all of my social media accounts. The feedback I receive from fans and the messages I send and receive are what drive me to think creatively and continue to produce quality content.”

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